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Frequently Asked Questions
What is pet cremation?
Pet cremation is a clean, sanitary way of saving your pet's remains.
Pet cremation is environmentally sound, providing an alternative to disposal
in landfill sites. Your pet is in professional, capable care with
High Desert Pet Cremation. Our experienced personnel and state-of-the-art dedicated facility make us the premier choice for pet owners throughout Northern Arizona.

Will you work with my Veterinarian?
We would be pleased to assist your veterinarian with your pets
after-care. Some veterinarians work with us exclusively and many
would be happy to accommodate you with your wishes to work with
us. We are available to work with any veterinarian or directly with
the pet owner if needed.

How much does pet cremation cost?
The cost of pet cremation is determined by the size of the pet and
the options that are chosen at the time of cremation. These options range from a communal cremation without the return of cremated remains to a full private cremation.  Please
contact us for pricing.

How do I know I'm getting my pet back?
From the moment your pet is picked up, it is paired with an
identification tag and number that remains with the pet throughout
the entire cremation process. With a private cremation,
we offer an option to view the cremation if you choose at no additional charge.
We are also happy to give a tour of our facility and crematory, as well as walk you through our system of checks and balances. We want you to feel comfortable leaving your pet in our care. Your pet will always be treated with compassion and respect from our staff.

What if my pet dies at home?
We offer pet transportation from your home for a modest additional charge.  Our staff is typically available for transportation on the weekend, as well Emergency Removal 24 Hours a day.

Can I bring my pet to you myself?
Yes, you may bring your pet to us yourself after notifying our
office. We are located in Prescott Valley, and available by
phone at 928-759-0645

How do I receive my pets cremated remains after the process is complete?
All cremated remains are returned to their owner in either a urn that you have selected, or our basic urn.  The urn is placed in our presentation bag, along with the certificate of cremation.